Samantha McDermott's Books
Who am I?

I'm someone who loves
books. I cannot imagine
​a life without them. Novels,
short stories,poetry,drama,
​non-fiction... I can resist
​none of them. They enrich
​me and I turn to them, as​ I turn to the sun, for warmth and inspiration.

​I began writing very early in my life and am pleased to have some of my recent work being published.  I do not offer you ponderous epic tales of human woes. You can get that from the morning paper.  I write to charm, entertain and make you smile, even chuckle from time to time. If I succeed in that, I am satisfied.  My cup will truly run over if I hear from some of you from time to time, dear readers.

What am I up to now?

It is an exciting time in my life as the seasons change and I begin my sixth book. I'm overjoyed to report that the first five have been met with enthusiasm. I love reading positive reviews, but it's even more fun to write and imagine readers chuckling over my characters and their shenanigans. The books are all available from Amazon. You can also order from the publisher or directly from me (See the order buttons below.  You can charge to a card or to Paypal) ​​ I hope you will join my readers and spend a few hours in my curious world. 
Let me share a some comments from readers:

The Curious Case of the Chinese Chest

"Samantha McDermott​​​​ has created a breezy mystery with snappy dialogue, a sassy heroine and handsome stranger... thoroughly charming!"

“This story can jump from funny to deadly serious in a turn of a page.”​​

"It was really a fun, easy, quick read that you wanted to keep reading to find out what happened
​ next​​."

"The Curious Case of the Chinese Chest by Samantha McDermott is a romantic novel wrapped in a crime mystery sprinkled with sarcastic humor and family secrets. When Cindy, the star of the book's ensemble cast, happens across a burglar in her home, she finds herself suddenly sucked into a treasure hunt for her aunt Daphne's prized possessions."

"It is totally charming and a wonderful story. The characters are very well defined. I am sure I even know what they all look like. And I love the alliterative title!​​"

"I love the characters. They are so real. You amaze me and I am so pleased that you can write such a wonderful story.​"​

"This was a excellent, very well written mystery. It was very refreshing, comical and with a light touch of romance."

"If you want to have an enjoyable read, I would definitely recommend this book." ​​

"I pride myself on always figuring out the ending after several chapters. Didn't figure it out, and enjoyed the entire read. Hope it is the first of a series." ​​

"This little mystery-adventure-comedy is a treasure chest in itself! With lots of fun and frolic, charming narrative, and more twists and turns than a corkscrew, once started, it was a challenge to put down. Lighthearted, sweet and clever. Bravo, Samantha! More, please!" ​​

The Curious Caves of Honey Cove​​

​​"This book is magical, uplifting, sane. People need this kind of book. It's healing! Nell is not sophisticated and blase, not the fake reality star type, not an overtly sexual, obnoxious creature, the type of female written by females, who are monetarily greedy perpetuators of bad taste. Nell is modest, deliciously witty, and charming, which reveals you! Most current novels are tasteless topical cliches. There's nothing trite here! This is true creativity--original, wise, fresh!

"The Curious Caves of Honey Cove" would make a terrific screenplay. Indeed, I have rarely been able to conjure up the scenery, the ambience of the place of action and the people so well as I did with this book. You painted with words and composed with thoughts. Wonderful!!​​"    
"I finished reading "The Curious Caves of Honey Cove" earlier this week and was enthralled by the mystery you wove tighter and tighter as the pages accumulated and the dialogue became more and more engaging.(Ben is a man I always wanted to meet in life but never did while I saw a little bit of me in Nell -- I just did not have enough sense to get out of the rat race earlier.)"

"You think I don't like novels? Well, I love yours! Dead bodies and hoodlums, or not, you have created a soothing, precious story. And an intricate one, which took a complicated mind. The ending was perfect!"​

"Samantha McDermott's breezy mystery is filled with charming characters and witty dialogue. You want to meet these people in person. I have heard that another mystery of hers (The Curious Case of the Chinese Chest) is in print as well. If it is anything like this one, I want to own it. I can only ask her to give us more!"

Maybe you'd like to read a few excerpts?

​ The Curious Case of the Chinese Chest (page 19)

She carefully locked the door behind them and they started down the stairs. There was a funny popping sound and Frederick fell. Cindy started screaming, “Call 911. Call 911."

He said he was okay, a little dazed but not really hurt. “I just fell down the stairs.”

“So it would seem. Are you hurt? Did they hit you?”

“I don’t think so. Did who hit me?”

“Didn’t you hear that funny sound right before you fell? On TV, guns with silencers make a sound like that. I thought you’d been shot.”

“Why would anyone shoot me?”

“I thought that’s what you were going to explain.”

They heard sirens, and Frederick staggered to his feet.

“I really think I’m all right. Let’s go.”

“If you weren’t shot, why did you fall? There’s no blood. I guess we could go.”

Frederick looked down where he had fallen. “There is a little blood,” he said and fainted.

The Curious Caves of Honey Cove (page 86)

She rummaged in her purse and got out some cosmetics. She applied exaggerated eye makeup with liner, shadow and too much black mascara. She put lipstick on slightly over the line of her lips and made kissy faces in the mirror. Much better! When she went out, Ben didn’t recognize her. He hardly noticed her, which Nell thought was great because she thought she looked really hot. A woman doesn’t want her escort noticing other women who look hot even if they’re really her and he’s too young for her anyway and she isn’t interested in him that way at all. She stopped in front of him and leered into his face.

“Hey, sailor!”
If you are intrigued, you will find my books on, Indigo Sea Press, Kindle, and many other outlets.  Or, you may order a paperback copy of the following books directly from me at  ​​$9.99 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling ($13.49 total)

The Curious Confusion of Kate


Samantha Mcdermott​​​​

Available Soon!​​

The Curious Creature Caper

“Samantha McDermott has written another delightful tale, full of interesting characters, witty dialogue and enough intrigue to keep you turning pages at breakneck speed. Who can resist a yarn featuring a giant, fluffy dog and an elderly neighbor with a penchant for baking cakes and toting guns? Filled with romance, mystery, and unexpected plot twists, this is one satisfying read. Let’s hope Ms. McDermott has more books in the pipeline.”